Week 6

This week the greatest anticipation was Olympic Day. Throughout the week each team practiced the Olympic activities. The most heated activity was the races. I was on the white team. We were originally in last place, but we ended up winning second place overall by the end of the day. While our team struggled in races we made a comeback in basketball and football.

The highlight of the day was the musical chairs game with the little kids. It was the most heated game of the day. They were slamming into each other trying to get the last seat, sitting on top of each other, and crying in between. While it wasn’t the greatest game for them, it was the funniest to watch. I remember every team having to comfort the kids crying. And every time one kid got out they would stomp off to the bleachers sobbing and a student or teacher walked out to comfort them.

During the football game I saw some of the greatest feats of athleticism. The amount of touchdowns made from across the entire field was amazing. I know there’s going to be a few kids here that’ll be all stars in high school.

A lot of the kids on my team were really upset that we were losing at first, but i think it’s what made us win our position in the long run.
All of the kids said they’d been looking forward for this day all year and a lot of them are counting the days until next year too. It was a super fun day, I almost raced too but I informed my team I am a very slow runner and i didn’t end up making the cut to race.

Despite the competitiveness everyone got along and had an amazing day, and that’s all you can really ask for!

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