Week 5

One thing I’ve noticed while working here is the relationships everyone has with each other. Every day when I walk into work all of my kids run up to me and wish me a good morning. Coach D and I spend the morning talking about softball and any/all practices I had the evenings before.

I’ve noticed that when the campers walk in, everyone immediately comes up to hug them and wish them good morning. It’s almost like there’s no way someone can walk in without being greeted or hugged. I’ve seen kids walk in and teachers stop what they’re doing to make sure every kid is greeted and hugged.

Everyone here knows everyone’s names and they tend to carpool with each other. Everyone here is somehow related too. Most people are cousins or they have a big family with multiple siblings. When I tell them I only have one sister they’re surprised. I was asked if I had an Auntie and I was confused on what that meant.

One of my friends explained to me that an Auntie is one of the kid’s mother’s friends and she’s like their Aunt since their mother and her friend are close like sisters. I’ve noticed a lot of little girls wearing shirts that say “I love my Auntie” and since my friend explained it to me, it’s really cute.

I’ve learned how different my family is to them not only with number of siblings, but also with number if cousins. I only have 3 cousins, and when I told them they were absolutely shocked. I’ve never had a big family or cousins I’d have sleepovers with. And learning about that type of relationship is really cool to hear. Everyone here is more like family to each other—because most of them are! Despite that, even after disagreements or a lost basketball or football game, everyone still loves each other at the end. It might just end with a very aggressive rematch during pick-up time.

Seeing the way people interact with each other here makes me think about new ideas to help bring my school community closer, and ways to fortify friendships with my friends and family.

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